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Linda R Fraser - Artist's Statement

RISD opened my mind to a broad expression of ideas. I became committed to representing my thoughts in 3 dimensions. I have executed artwork in drawing and sculpture in bronze, cement and glass. The majority of my work over the past 20 years is in glass sculpture - capturing emotional notations of people and feelings in glass.

I have been inspired by Giorgio Morandi, Dale Chihuly, Bertil Vallien, Cezanne and Egon Schiele. This eclectic influence has helped me to create a unique slice of images throughout my life.

I use sandcasting techniques in my glass making. I believe the glass has a magical quality and can only be controlled to a degree. I take time and great care in the planning the shape the final glass sculpture will take. When designing the interior of my castings I combine a pallet of possibilities and guide the surface color of the glass. As I pour the glass and introduce the inclusions I let the hot glass move and manipulate the shards of glass or bits of glass and metal ‘jewelry’ that I have placed within the piece.

I enjoy the process in the making – from the planning and forming of the templates, to the excitement of the hot glass pour!

Or if you choose you can see my artist's statement in motion!


Linda R Fraser - Biography

Linda hails from Cranston, R.I. a suburb of Providence. Immediately after completing high school she attended the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) originally to study graphic design. She settled into the Sculpture Department where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1980. Upon graduating she proceeded to complete abstract cement projects in conjunction with another artist and former professor Arnold Prince, as well as various private commissions. Linda established a small graphic design business. Her continual curiousity for a further vocabulary in materials in which to make sculptures precipitated her enrollment in 1985 in courses at Pilchuck Glass School in Pilchuck, north of Seattle WA. Upon arriving at Pilchuck, Linda was totally seduced by glass as a medium. She pursued employment in the Seattle area and secured employment in the then new studio of Benjamin Moore. Here she remained for over a year until meeting an Australian architect at Pilchuck and marrying in 1986. A new chapter opened as Linda moved to Sydney, Australia to establish a home, a new family and new career.

Over 15 years Linda has interacted with the glass community in Sydney including a period as president of Ausglass where Linda helped to bring members of the international glass community to Australia. She has developed close ties with a number of glass artists and students and has also taught courses at a local university. During this period she continued developing her use of sandcasting to produce and exhibit glass sculpture. Residing in Leichhardt, a suburb of Sydney, Linda maintained a small studio to design and fabricate templates for new glass sculpture. She also continued to create drawings, collages and cement works and in 2001 branched out to produce a feature film Enemies Closer. More recently Linda has collaborated with artists such as Pamela Stadus and Carmel Mollison to produce a series of work at the Pratt Institute in Seattle WA. In September 2004 Linda moved to a new studio in Toronto, Canada and produced work ranging from sandcast glass to collage.

Linda's latest sandcast glass sculpture series is currently available from a number of cities including Toronto, ON (Sandra Ainsley Gallery) (Impressions Art Galleries), St Louis, MO (Barucci Gallery), Scottsdale, AZ (Pinnacle Gallery), Dallas, TX (Kittrell/Riffkin Gallery), Pacific City, OR (Pacific City Gallery) in Melbourne at Glass Plus and in the Hunter Valley at Catbird Gallery.

In April 2006 Linda returned to Australia to establish a studio in Melbourne.



Linda R. Fraser


1980 B.F.A.-Sculpture, Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, R.I., U.S.A.


1995 Instructor, Sandcast Glass Workshop
Sydney College of the Arts, Glass Department

1991 Instructor, Sandcast Glass Workshop
Sydney College of the Arts, Glass Department

1990 Teaching Assistant, at Pilchuck Glass Centre, U.S.A.
Sandcast Glass & Mould-blowing Instructor: Bob Carlson

1989 Student, Pilchuck Glass Centre, U.S.A.
Cast Glass Instructors: Bob Carlson & Bertil Vallien

1988 Assistant to the Artist, Richard Goodwin, sculptor, Sydney
Finishing & polishing concrete relief castings

1986 Staff member, Pilchuck Glass Centre, U.S.A.

1985 Assistant to the Artist in Residence, Bertil Vallien
Pilchuck Glass Centre, U.S.A.
Student Hot Glass Instructors:
Amy Roberts, Sonja Blomdahl & Jan Erik Ritzman
Cast Glass Instructor: Clifford Rainey

1984 Instructor of Sculpture Class at the Providence Art Club, U.S.A.
Stone Carving & Direct Cement techniques

1980-81 Assistant to the Artist in Residence, Arnold Prince
Rhode Island State Council on the Arts.
Execution of various wood & concrete sculptures.

1980 Teaching Assistant, Professional Practices Course,
Rhode Island School of Design, U.S.A.
Instructor: Professor Dale Chihuly



2007, National Association for the Visual Arts (Australia)

1998- present, Member of G.A.S., Glass Artists Society International

2003 - Pratt Institute, Artist Member

1994-present, Member of Ausglass, Australian Association of Glass Artists

1995 - President of Ausglass


Rhode Island School of Design Museum, Providence RI,
National Glass Collection, Wagga Wagga, NSW
Australia *(donated by ABN-AMRO Bank, Sydney)


Examples of my work are in private collections in:
East Greenwich & Providence, R.I.,
Williamstown, MA., Santa Paula, CA.,
New York, N.Y., Hernando, FL.,
Seattle, WA., in the U.S.A.
Toronto, ON; Windsor, ON,
Calgary AB, Haarlem, Netherlands
Sydney, Australia & Afors, Sweden


2010 Family Embrace, Private Collection, Haarlem, Netherlands

2004 Dancing Woman Project, Radical Media, Sydney, N.S.W.

1995 Sandcast Glass Wall Pieces, The Third Restaurant, Newtown, N.S.W.

1995 Sandcast Glass Sculpture, ABN/Amro Bank, 10 Spring Street, Sydney

2 life-size sandcast figures with steel, representing a miner & farmer*

1994 Sandcast Glass Sculpture, Private Residence, Williamstown, Ma., U.S.A.

1993 Sandcast Glass Sculpture, Private Residence, Hernando, Fl., U.S.A.

Sandcast Glass window/wall, Private Residence, Sydney

1992 Sandcast Glass window/wall, Private Residence, Sydney

1981 Constructed a large playground installation

Summer Youth Employment Program, R.I., U.S.A.

1980 Abstract concrete sculpture, Storefront landscape R.I., U.S.A.

1980 Abstract concrete sculpture, Private Residence R.I., U.S.A.


May 2011, Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne VIC
Represented by Glass Plus Gallery

Dec 2010, Small Works Exhibition, Brunswick
Street Gallery (BSG), Melbourne VIC

April 2009, Melbourne Art Fair, Melbourne VIC
"Ned Kelly" Series - Represented by Glass Plus Gallery

February 2008, Frankston Art Centre, Frankston VIC
"Linda R Fraser - Recent Works" solo exhibition

February 2007, Glass Plus Gallery, Melbourne VIC
"Sculptural Abstractions" invitational group exhibition

June 2006, Barucci Gallery, St. Louis MO.
"GAS Artists at GAS" invitational group exhibition

April 2006, Works Gallery, Camden OH
"Let it Flow" invitational group exhibition

March 2005, University of Washington, Seattle WA "
UW Medicine Building Invitational Open House"

October 2004 Global Art Venue Seattle, USA
"From Pole to Pole" invitational group exhibition

November 2002 Woods Gerry Gallery R.I.S.D., USA
"RISD First Triennieal Sculpture Exhibition" invitational group exhibition

April 1999 Nowra Galleries, Nowra, NSW
"Light and Colour" Two person invitational exhibition

July 1995 Meat Market Craft Centre, Melbourne
"Glass in Australia 1995", Juried exhibition

May 1995 The Glass Artist's Gallery, Sydney
"Not Just One of a Kind" invitational group exhibition

April 1995 The Glass Artist's Gallery, Sydney
"Australian Studio Glass" to coincide / book launch, invitational

January 1995 The Glass Artist's Gallery, Sydney
"Australian Glass" : A Recent View group exhibition

June 1993 The Bare Gallery, Newtown, N.S.W.
"One Woman Show" sandcast glass & collages

September 1991 Woods Gerry Gallery, R.I.S.D., U.S.A.
"12 x 12 Alumni Show" sandcast glass sculpture - juried

August 1990 The Pilchuck Glass Centre Gallery, U.S.A.
"Instructors & Teaching Assistants Show" sandcast glass sculpture

June 1985 The Providence Art Club, R.I., U.S.A.
"Phases of the Moon & Selected Collages" concrete sculptures & collages

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