Linda R Fraser Sculpture
Abstract Sandcast Sculptures 1986 - 2010

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Abstract Sandcast Glass Sculpture

The majority of my work over the past 20 years is in glass sculpture - capturing emotional notations of people and feelings in glass.

I have been inspired by Giorgio Morandi, Dale Chihuly, Bertil Vallien, Cezanne and Egon Schiele. This eclectic influence has helped me to create a unique slice of images throughout my life.

I use sandcasting techniques in my glass making. I believe the glass has a magical quality and can only be controlled to a degree. I take time and great care in the planning the shape the final glass sculpture will take. When designing the interior of my castings I combine a pallet of possibilities and guide the surface color of the glass. As I pour the glass and introduce the inclusions I let the hot glass move and manipulate the shards of glass or bits of glass and metal ‘jewelry’ that I have placed within the piece.

Eve n The Egg Golden Tear From His Coat Tails
From the Glass Castle My Shadow, The Moon and Stars Glass Torso
Lunar Landscape Mother and Child Tears in Tears Blue Colliding Happiness
My Feelings For You Reclining Blue Figure Tears in Tearz Red Impact of Others
Floating Towards the Sun Magic Keyhole Purple and Red Abstract
Reclining Figure Blue and Purple Lean On Me I Lean On You Reclining Figure Black and Blue


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