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Sculpture Commissions

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Private Artwork Commissions

Linda R Fraser Sculpture is pleased to accept enquiries regarding private
commissions for personalized versions of her artwork. We strive to make
the commission process a pleasure for both the artist and the customer.

Our approach you your query includes:

- Customer consultation regarding the form, color(s) and size of the artwork
- Provision of sketches – including an actual size drawing of the artwork
- Pre-agreed pricing and delivery dates with customer approval

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Family Embrace - Private commission
New Family -Private commission

Public/Architectural Artwork Commissions

Linda R Fraser is an artist experienced in providing artwork
installations for public art or architectural features - in particular
sculptures featuring glass, bronze, cement (or combinations).

Works in a wide range of scales for interior or exterior installation
including surface features, doors, windows and free standing sculpture
can be executed.

Commission service includes:

- Consultation with client, architects, engineer, planners and builders
- Provision of detailed sketches, illustration
- Provision of samples (on request)
- Delivery of work for installation at agreed date and conditions

We welcome queries, click here for our contact details

Life Sails on - Interior Window Commission for Private Home Lean on me - Commission for Australian Bank


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