Linda R Fraser Sculpture
Families 1996 - 2010

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Families, our constant inspiration, frustration and mystery
throughout our lives the interaction, comparison, conflict,
delight and love colour our relationships beyond.

Families for me have not only included the cast of characters I grew up amongst – but the gathered family I have created whereverI have chosen to live. We all create groups we feel comfortable withinin marriage, friendships … the created families within our own social circles.

By the relationship between figures I represent some of the possible configurations of familiar groups. The dependence, independence and interdependence can be depicted by the posture between various figures.

As relationships are ever-changing so too can the configuration and display of the figures within a family be changed, to suit the mood and attitude of the times.
Blue Family
Warm Family
The Family
Sandy Family
Bright Light family
Family Embrace



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