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The Gesture Series

The Gesture series denotes the moment of
elation and discovery which is usually
demonstrated with raised and open arms, in
a figurative gesture. Here I have chosen to
represent that gesture in the abstract shape that
one’s raised and open arms indicates.

Within this space I depict moments of emotion
Using glass inclusions, glass powder stencils,
pieces of copper screen and tubing. The shape
denotes the gesture and the internal landscape
I create suggests the mood, or situation captured
within the physical gesture of the moment.

This particular series began after laughing at a
typographic error made by a friend describing a
jester of goodwill… instead of a gesture of goodwill.
The simple laughter created from that moment spurred
this ongoing series – with delight!

Shadow Under the Sun An Egg A Gesture Celebration of Myself
Lunar Celebration What is Through the Blue Keyhole Bubbles of Celebration

    Celestial Gesture A Happy Gesture  


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