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Metal and Glass Series

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Metal and Glass Series

I collect unusual bits and pieces of old metal. I then create
wooden templates that fit inside each particular shape
These are used as templates - pushed into the sand, creating the void into which hot glass is poured.
Coloured glass powders are laid onto the sand.
Next comes the molten glass gently poured into the sand shapes.

The specific shapes of the metal pieces I collect lend themselves to a particular feeling or style. Take for instance the Ned Kelly series of stove pipes, where the cut out in the metal cried out for a piece of glass – and I instantly thought of the Ned Kelly mask. Just as found portholes have cried out for underwater representations, I let the metal determine the direction of the glass that I choose to insert within the waiting void.

My Secret Relec Blue and Opal Flange Blue Egg in a Bronze Cuff
Lunar Lobster Cinderella, When Bubbles Burst Mystery Tripod

Hot Blue Fange Captured Cloud Swirls of Green Tiny Tunnel Underwater Keyhole
Eye of the Needle II In My Hand Eye of the Needle I


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