Linda R Fraser Sculpture
Portholes Series 1994 - 2010

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Porthole series

I see portholes as windows framing a vision - either as a view finder or capturing the viewer’s eyes as they peer thorough the porthole. The imagery explored runs from abstract reclining figures in different colours and moods, to illustrations of thoughts using floating bits of coloured glass and woven pieces of copper and glass threads that appear to float in the air like mysterious bits of jewelry.

The porthole series includes actual portholes with sandcast glass inserts mimicking the sky reflected upon the water, as well as rectangular cast bronze frames on legs – designed to become imaginary portholes. Most recently I am experimenting with complex stencils to produce multi coloured representations – like two dimensional collages - where images can range from abstract still life to the animated eyes of the viewer themselves.

Hot Afternoon Come and Sea Porthole
Impact of Friendship Sleeping Beauty Blue Dreams
Copper Constellation
Keyholes and Clouds in the Sky
Sweeping Thoughts
Asleep Under the Stars
Stellar Composition
Through the Keyhole Shooting Stars
Dreaming of Myslef Party Poppers Beauty Sleep


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